Daily Availability

We bake twice a day during the week- a morning bake for all the breads and an evening bake (around 5pm) for just the long breads of that day.

As a Small Batch Baker, whatever I make that day is what is available. Once it is gone- it’s gone!

Italian Bread


Rustic Breads:

White, Whole Wheat, Marble, Six Grain, Cranberry Pecan

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yummy Fudgy Brownies

Smoochie Pies

The Carpenter’s Granola


Rotating Menu


Ciabatta, Dark Rye, Pesto & Pesto Mozzarella


Sourdough, Italian Rolls


Challah, Rustic Olive, Pesto & Pesto Mozzarella


Weekend Menu

Saturday & Sunday:

Butter Biscuits

Golden Raisin Tea Biscuits

Cinnamon Buns

Assorted Pastries