The Cook & The Carpenter Bakeshop


Small Batch Baking

Making things by hand with Love

Illustrations by JoAnn Boscarino, The Carpenter


Small Batch Baking

Here at The Cook & The Carpenter Bakeshop I value Quality over Quantity. The concept has always been Small Batch Baking: one baker with a troop of helpers here and there. Whatever I make that day is what is available.

I use good quality ingredients, mostly things you might find in your own kitchen—butter, eggs, flour, sugar, honey, etc. Our baked goods are not supposed to last a long time on your counter because there are no preservatives in anything I make.

So in order to keep the Quality high, I keep the Quantity low.


Our Story

The Cook & The Carpenter Bakeshop is a marriage made between a cook and a carpenter.

Sam Castillo, The Cook, met JoAnn Boscarino, The Carpenter, 17 years ago at a local eatery in Highland Park. When they got married the theme for the wedding was The Cook & The Carpenter. Over the years they have used their skills to create beautiful dinner parties, build fabulous furniture and make their friends feel welcomed in their home.

It just seemed natural that when the new business was being developed, they would name it The Cook & The Carpenter Bakeshop. Jo did most of the work in the front of the house, reusing and up-cycling all sorts of materials while Sam got to work baking breads and tasty treats for the whole neighborhood.

The entire concept, store, and business model is a labor of love not just by Sam and Jo but from a group of wonderful friends who helped make the Bakeshop what it is today.


Daily Availability

We bake twice a day during the week- a morning bake for all the breads & an evening bake (around 5pm) of Italian Bread & Baguettes.

As a Small Batch Baker, whatever I make that day is what is available. Once it’s gone- it’s gone!

Italian Bread


Rustic Breads:

White, Whole Wheat, Marble, Six Grain, Cranberry Pecan

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yummy Fudgy Brownies

Smoochie Pies

The Carpenter’s Granola


Rotating Menu


Ciabatta, Dark Rye, Pesto & Pesto Mozzarella


Sourdough, Italian Rolls


Challah, Rustic Olive, Pesto & Pesto Mozzarella


Weekend Menu

Saturday & Sunday:

Butter Biscuits

Golden Raisin Tea Biscuits

Cinnamon Buns

Assorted Pastries


Some of The Bakeshop favorites —


Cranberry Pecan

Perfect with a morning cup of tea or for dessert—you can choose!


Italian Bread

Just too good to have only one slice.



When looking for that perfect hostess gift, choose a bread that goes with everything!


Smoochie Pies

Many layers of an all-butter crust, simple fruit fillings with a tasty glaze on top. Just one is enough and yet…


Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies

So good they should be Illegel!


Yummy Fudgy Brownies

As Katherine Hepburn famously said: “Never quit, be yourself, and don’t put too much flour in your brownies”


Check out our menu


Small Batch Locals

We are not the only Small Batch in town!

We carry Jams by Kim & CAP·SAI·CIN.


Jams by Kim

Jams by Kim is an artisanal food company creating all natural Jams, Jellies and Preserves

Flavors will change seasonally.

Here is what we have as of April 2019:

  • Tomato Orange & Ginger

  • Mixed Berry

  • Pomegranate & Orange

  • Bartlett Pear & Strawberry

  • Strawberry Habanero

  • Roasted Garlic & Sweet Onion

  • Carrot Ginger

  • Berry Habanero



CAP·SAI·CIN owner and founder David Bell loves chiles. He lovingly grows every pepper that goes into his hot sauce and ground chile powder.

We are carry the following:

  • Sriracha- Habanero

  • Sriracha- Superhot

  • Smokey Disturbance- Igneous

  • Smokey Disturbance- Semi-Molten

  • Joyful Noise- Igneous

  • Joyful Noise- Semi-Molten

  • Magma Nuts 1/2lb


The Bakeshop will be closed Fri. May 24 – Wed. June 5

We will return on Thu. June 6 with Summer hours & updates to our menu.

Summer Hours:

Thursday/Friday 12-7

Saturday/Sunday 10-3

Closed Mon/Tue/Wed


Summer Hours as of June 5:

Thursday/Friday 12-7

Saturday/Sunday 10-3

Closed Mon/Tue/Wed


208 Raritan Ave
Highland Park, NJ 08904



Wednesday-Friday: 12pm-7pm

Saturday-Sunday: 11am-4pm

Monday & Tuesday: Closed

We may close early if we Sell Out.

We will update availability on social media or click here for the availability update on Instagram.